Chicago Real Estate Guide for Buying

Smooth the Way

Questions - Call me at 312.810.6693 or email

Contact Info – If you leave town, be sure to leave contact information in case an
issue develops while you are gone.

Immediately upon having a signed contract:

Retain an Attorney: Your attorney will assist with all legal issues – reviewing
documents, negotiating with seller’s attorney (if necessary) and advising you at
the closing. Some attorney references are:

Erik Wilson (773)266-7647  
J. Michael Collins (312)419-2880 (312)896-9488
Leslie Fineberg (312)404-2831  
Lloyd Gussis (773)525-8036 (773)975-0944
William Kabaker (312)552-8118 (312)552-9001
Bernard Kirsner (312)565-2775  
Louis Levinson (312)346-8465 (312)346-8469
Kent Novit (312)332-2407 (312)332-6452
Samuel Tamkin (312)930-9370 (312)930-9390
Jennifer Goldstone (312)980-3866  

Home Inspector may save you unnecessary expenses later. I recommend an
inspection ASAP to allow time for review if necessary. Some Home Inspector
references are:

Metrospect Rob Packer (847)417-8937
Inspectrum Julio Neira/WardRinehart (773)929-9889
Household Inspection Jeff Kaplan (773)388-9000
ACCUspect Home Inspection   (847)673-9200
 Home Advantage Inspections,LLC  Leon Mann  312.401.0299
Fidelis Home Inspections Isac Enriquez  773-688-6903

Mortgage: It is imperative that you have a mortgage commitment by date
indicated on your contract. If you have been pre-approved most of your work has
been done (application and supporting documents). The lender will need a copy
of your contract and he will order an appraisal prior to sending the paperwork for
final approval.

Pearl Mortgage Albron Hana (847)964-5511
Stonegate Mortgage Karla Sitko (630)797-2170
Guaranteed Rate Kristine Bestler (773)328-6437
Wintrust Mortgage Daryn Peterson (773)303.0036
Bridgeview Mortgage Dan Stelzer (847)571.2182
The Federal Savings Bank Ryan Cotter (312)738-6041

Homeowner Association: If you are purchasing a condo or townhome,
always obtain and read the building’s declaration, bi-laws, budget and rules
and regulations. Also, there may be paperwork and/or an interview required.
Typically this should be done 30 days prior to closing.

Utilities: Be sure to order your utilities (TV, phone, gas, electric, etc) well in
advance of closing so if there are any problems they can be dealt with while the
current owners are still in the property.

Electric Comed: 1(800)334-7661 AmerenIL: 1-(800)755-500
Gas Peoples Gas:  1 (866)556-6001  
Cable/Internet Comcast Xfinity: 1 (800)Comcast RCN: 1(800)746-4726
  ATT: 1 (800)288-2020  Verizon: (855)653‑4412
  DISH Network: 1 (877)647-7793  

Walk-Thru: A walk-thru should be scheduled just prior to closing. The purpose
of the walk-thru is to be sure the home is left in good condition and that all
required repairs were completed.

Dates to Remember:

Inspection _______________
Attorney Approval _______________
Balance of Earnest Money _______________
Mortgage Commitment _______________
Closing _______________