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Find all the newest dog-friendly condos available for sale in Chicago, IL. Our comprehensive Chicago real estate website features all dog-friendly condos on the market, allowing prospective buyers to view prices, unit sizes, HOA dues, taxes, pet policies and more. We would love to be your Chicago real estate agents and assist in the condo buying process, so feel free to use this website as your local real estate resourse. To learn more about Chicago dog-friendly condos for sale or to schedule a private showing, contact your local Chicago real estate experts today. 

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Chicago Dog-Friendly Condo Guide

Chicago is a city that many people love, and it's not just because of the Windy City nickname. Chicago has plenty to offer for those who live in this bustling metropolis. From having one of the best music scenes in the world to being ranked as one of the most dog-friendly cities in America, there is something for everyone to enjoy. This article will cover why Chicago was ranked so high on the list, what makes it such an animal-friendly place, and what options you have for exploring this fabulous city with your canine buddy at your side! 

Chicago is ranked as one of the most dog-friendly cities in America

Chicago is one of the most dog-friendly cities in America. There are many pet-friendly apartments and condos, along with plenty of parks to explore. Chicago also has many pet stores. You can find anything you need for your four-legged friend at these stores!

Chicago also has several dog-friendly restaurants. They have patio seating and allow dogs to dine with their owners. You can also find several dog parks in Downtown Chicago! The various parks have plenty of trees, grass, benches, etc. for your pup to run around and play. There are also options for wading pools for them to cool off in during the heat of summertime.

Gone are the days of being forced to leave your pet at home while you enjoy a nice dinner out. You can find plenty of restaurants that allow dogs, and even include them in their marketing campaigns!

The Chicago Public Library has also changed its rules as far as pets go. You now have the option to bring your dog with you to the library! They even have a special section where you can sit, so your pup doesn't have to roam aimlessly.

Chicago is considered one of the top five most pet-friendly cities in America. With such a variety of places for your four-legged friend, it's no wonder why Chicago ranks so highly.

Let's take an even closer look at some of the opportunities you'll have to explore with your dog while venturing through the city.

There are plenty of parks to explore

When it comes to getting a little rest and relaxation while soaking up all that Mother Nature has to offer, there's nothing better than strolling through the tranquil, peaceful setting of a well-maintained park. Chicago has no shortage of these treasures to enjoy, and this includes many areas for your dog to roam free. It's said that there are over 600 parks in the city, which provide plenty of space for everyone!

With so much access to beautiful parkland, there's room for everyone; people of all ages, hikers and joggers, picnic goers, and most importantly, our furry, four-legged friends! The following are some of the Chicago parks that welcome dogs to roam and run and socialize off-leash:


  • Winnemac Park
  • Challenger Playlot Dog Park at Gill Park
  • Grant Park Dog Park
  • Wiggly Field
  • Jackson Bark
  • Mt. Greenwood Park
  • Chopin Dog Park
  • Wicker Park Dog Park
  • Lake Shore Park
  • Lake Shore East Dog Park
  • Coliseum Dog Park
  • Hamlin Dog Park
  • River Park Dog Park
  • Promontory Point
  • Puptown at Margate Park
  • Warren Park
  • Fred Anderson Dog Park
  • Fulton River Park
  • Norwood Dog Park
  • Walsh Playground Dog Park
  • Berger Park
  • Portage Park
  • Churchill Field Park
  • Larrabee Dog Park
  • Horner Park Dog Park
  • Skinner Bark Park
  • Mary Bartelme Dog Park
  • Pottawattomie Dog Friendly Area
  • Ward Dog Friendly Area
  • Park No. 556 Dog Friendly Area
  • Edgewater Dog Park
  • Katherine Legge Memorial Lodge Dog Park
  • Bremen Grove Off-Leash Area
  • Ridge Park
  • Community Bark West
  • Pooch Park
  • Trantina Farm Dog Park
  • Maple Park Dog Park
  • Miller Meadow Off-Leash Dog Area
  • Jaycee Dog Park
  • Forest Park Dog Park
  • Happy Bark Dog Park
  • Blue Island Bark Park
  • Karban Park

There are also two dog-friendly beaches for locals and visitors alike to enjoy and take part in a little off-leash play:

It's not hard to find a spot for your pup to get some exercise out in the fresh air in Chicago! Between the beaches, the parks, the ample walking trails, you can get out with your dog to enjoy the best of Chicago's outdoor excursions.

There are tons of restaurants that allow dogs on the patios

Choosing where to go for dinner is always one of the most discussed and argued upon topics for families and couples. It's hard to agree when someone wants tacos and the other wants spaghetti bolognese! But one thing that narrows the choices down a little is the option to bring the entire family, including your dog!

It's pretty common for restaurants to allow dogs on the patios, and Chicago has plenty of those to offer. With so many restaurants that welcome your best friend with open arms, it's time to start thinking about which ones you want to try first! From hotdogs and Italian beef to fried chicken and chicken kebabs, there are tons of different places for you and your pup.

The following just a sample of the amazing, inclusive patios and restaurants you can enjoy with everyone, human and canine alike:

As you can clearly see, there's no shortage of options to choose from when you want to bring your dog along for a treat. Chicago locals have ample opportunity to try new and exciting restaurants.

Shopping is made easier when you can bring your furry friend along

One of the many reasons that Chicago is so dog-friendly is because of all the pet stores in the city. From finding clothes and toys to going on long walks, there's no shortage of opportunities for you and your pup to enjoy being together.

If you're looking for something more than pet stores, the city offers a plethora of stores that welcome you and your canine buddy. You can bring your dog on your errands, have them help you pick out a cute outfit, or just bring them along while you browse and meet some new people and other furry friends.



Garden Centers:

These are just a few of the shops that welcome dogs in Chicago. There are so many opportunities to shop and enjoy all that the commercial district of Chicago has to offer!

Along with the parks and shops of Chicago, there are so many activities to try

Chicago locals and visitors are never bored! There are so many great activities to try out all year long, and plenty of these activities can be done with your canine friend by your side.

If your doggo has a flare for aquatics, here are some options to enjoy the outdoors along the waterfront or right out on the waters itself:

If water isn't your dog's favorite, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy. Some of the options for exploring the great city of Chicago, on land, include:

The city offers a variety of dog-friendly hotels and accommodations to choose from
For those who are just visiting this incredibly, dog-friendly city, there's a multitude of options when it comes to choosing where to stay. Not every hotel, motel, and Airbnb will allow you to bring your pets with you, but thankfully, there's still plenty of options to choose from in this beautiful city.

If you're interested in visiting the city and don't want to leave your pooch behind, here are some of the places you and your pets are more than welcome to stay:

Weekend getaways are a breeze in the Chicago area

No one likes to leave their dog at home when they go away. With so many options to go on vacation, there's no reason not to bring your dog with you. Whether it's a quick trip or a longer one up north, bringing along your canine companion is much more enjoyable than leaving them at home.

This travel destination can be enjoyed by you and your dogs for weeks! Many of the pet-friendly accommodations and activities have suggested itineraries to keep your dogs busy, even for a longer stay.

It's been clear throughout this article that Chicago is easily the place to be when you've got your dog in tow, but there are also ample opportunities to explore just outside the city! If you're looking to venture a little further away, have a look at some of the fantastic options:

  • Indiana Dunes (35 miles outside of Chicago): Visiting Indiana Dunes is a journey to the past. As you wander through the ancient dunes, you can explore and find out how this area was created. The Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore also offers many different habitats for animals, like deer, red foxes, coyotes, rabbits, and possums. There are also many species of birds that enjoy the area's resources. There are also some great hiking trails available to explore with your furry friends. If you want a little adventure on your hike, there are several hundred feet of cliffs at Indiana Dunes to explore!
  • Starved Rocks (less than 100 miles outside of Chicago): Starved Rocks, located in Utica, Illinois is a little bit of history and nature all rolled into one. With over 1,600 acres to explore, you, nor your furry friend, won't get bored! Starved Rocks has several different park areas including the Riverview Overlook; there's also the towering monoliths called "The Chimneys." The Devil's Kettle offers a gurgling waterfall that flows into a steep-sided gorge. Hidden within the gorge are unusual rock formations and an ancient boulder that sits at the bottom of the falls.
  • Amish Country (Northern Indiana): When you take a trip to Amish Country, you're seeing a different side of the country filled with rolling hills, countryside, and Amish farms. If your dog likes to roam, this place might be a nice getaway for you and your pup! There are nearly 40 Amish communities in Northern Indiana that welcome curious visitors off the beaten path. A large number of them are within a 30-minute drive from Chicago.
  • Lake Geneva (about 1 hour outside of Chicago): This beautiful lake is a place you can sit back and relax. There are many dog-friendly accommodations to choose from like The Inn at Geneva On the Lake. This resort gives you easy access to Lake Geneva for hiking or biking with your pup! There's also plenty of opportunities for sightseeing in the area, and your dog will love to check out the local shops and restaurants. You can even enjoy a lovely sunset at Lake Geneva!
  • Michigan City (less than 2 hours outside of Chicago): Michigan City has been enabling people to experience the thrill of lakefront living since 1833. Michigan City is also known as "City by the Lake." There are plenty of dog-friendly accommodations to choose from and plenty of things for your dog to do if you opt out of a canine companion.

Any of these fantastic destinations would make the perfect getaway for you and your dog! While there's so much to do within the city, you don't want to forget about the surrounding area. If you'd like to explore further from Chicago, there are plenty of options available. No matter what your interests, or your dog's for that matter, be it swimming, hiking, picnicking, or socializing with others, there's definitely plenty of activities, excursions, and places to stay in Chicago and the nearby areas.

Whether you're in town for a week or a round trip down Lake Shore Drive, having your four-legged friend with you makes it that much more enjoyable! The city of Chicago has always welcomed dogs in the city limits and many dog lovers have found apartments and condos in Chicago so they can live in the city while also having their dog by their side. There's even a few hundred acres of forest preserves where you can make your new home, if you'd like to live within the city limits. Additionally, there are plenty of neighborhoods that allow dogs and provide opportunities for play time with other canine companions!

All these reasons and more help Chicago to be known as one of the most dog-friendly cities in America. It offers a variety of accommodations for both humans and their canine companions, as well as plenty of restaurants that welcome dogs on premises. Chicago locals have ample opportunity to try new and exciting restaurants with their four-legged friends by their side. If you're looking for something more than pet stores or cafes, there are also many options when it comes to shopping where your pup can come along too!

Looking to explore Windy City? Can’t spend a day without your canine companion by your side? No worries! Chicago is known to be one of the top dog-friendly cities in the country! For more information, check out our article “Chicago, IL: Ranked As One of The Most Dog-Friendly Cities in America” to discover just where you can go and what you can do with your furry friend!

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