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Posted by Ted Guarnero admin on Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 at 1:44pm.

Vince Vaughn's Palmolive Condo Being Seen at

As we reached a new high of 1,601 visits yesterday on, I was excited to check my analytics and see exactly what it is home buyers and site visitors in Chicago were looking at. To no surprise, many were viewing Gold Coast condos for sale, Streeterville high-rise real estate and a variety of other downtown Chicago neighborhood pages that I happen to specialize in for my clients.

But before long, something a bit unusual happened to catch my eye. As I was scanning through all the statistics on Google analytics, I noticed I had over 150 page views on my Palmolive Condos For Sale page within the last 24 hours.

At first, I was caught a little off guard. Was this an odd coincidence or just some guy who was so bored sitting around his cubicle that he kept clicking on my 159 East Walton page ALL day long? Well after I recovered from my mental lapse, I finally remembered that famed actor and Chicago native Vince Vaughn had just reduced the price of his penthouse condo at the Palmolive up for sale that same day, which clearly explains why so many people were all of a sudden intersted in 159 E. Walton.















So now that I realized why so many people were viewing my Palmolive page yesterday, it wasn’t long before I became even more excited. With the dozens of news outlets and websites reporting that Vince Vaughn is selling his home, it seems that a significant portion of people interested in checking out the details of Vaughn’s fabulous Gold Coast penthouse were searching for the property on!

But how is this happening? Well, after running a quick “Palmolive Building” Google search, I notice that is getting very good results, ranking only behind Wikipedia and the developer website-both of which obviously don’t allow people to view Palmolive Building condos for sale.

So as nice as this is, I think what’s most reassuring is that the upgrades I'm continuing to invest in from REW, the work EricOnSearch is doing, and everything we do over at Real Estate Web Creation, LLC is paying HUGE dividends. Now if I can only get someone to buy the penthouse at 159 East Walton, I’ll be in real good shape.   


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