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A Streeterville condo is the perfect real estate option for you if you love high-rise living in a full-service building. To check out some of the hottest Streeterville condos to hit the market, read our regularly updated downtown Chicago real estate blog today!

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Gold Coast Real Estate on Lake Shore DriveWhen it comes to downtown Chicago real estate, the Gold Coast is among the most highly sought after destinations for home buyers. But what is it about this part of downtown Chicago that makes home buyers so crazy? Is it all the boutique shopping that fills out Oak Street? What about the one-of-a-kind historic architecture that’s on display on streets like Bellevue, Elm, or Astor? There’s all kinds of reasons why people fall in love with the Gold Coast, but what’s the one factor that may in fact trump all the rest?

Lake Shore Drive.

Chicago’s lakefront is the one part about Chicago everyone seems to love, and when it comes to Gold Coast real estate, nothing beats an unobstructed view of the open blue waters of Lake Michigan. Dozens of spectacular

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Parkview Condos in Chicago Streeterville is filled with spectacular architecture and stunning condos for sale and there may be no better display of this than at the Parkview condos at 505 N. McClurg Court. Sure, Streeterville is home to more recognizable skyscrapers like the Hancock Center, or more luxurious condo developments such as 840 N. Lake Shore Drive, but the Parkview condos in Streeterville possess a feel that can only be described as sleek, contemporary and extremely desirable.

Inside, 268 individual units are housed at the Parkview condos in Streeterville and its glass façade on the building’s exterior is enough to catch anyone’s eye who happens to be searching the market for a hot new downtown residence to call home. Amenities at 505 N. McClurg include a

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