River North's Newest Sweet Spot

Posted by Ted Guarnero admin on Wednesday, August 17th, 2011 at 12:05pm.

Doughnut Vault Taking River North by Storm

Chicago's River North newest hotspot

Recently opening up in the River North neighborhood is a very unique, and what appears to be, a very popular doughnut café establishment. Located at 401 ½ N. Franklin Street, just one block west of the Merchandise Mart Brown and Purple Line stop, the Doughnut Vault has taken the simplicity of a doughnut and a morning cup of coffee to a whole new level. The uniqueness of the Doughnut Vault comes from the stores odd, yet brilliant, hours system. Opening at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday through Friday, the Doughnut Vault continues to serve its anxious patrons until they’ve literally run out of doughnuts for that day. Each morning, bakers at the “Vault” have a pre-determined amount of doughnuts they will make and once they’re gone, they’re gone! This unorthodox system continues on Saturday, but the doors don’t open until 9:30 a.m., giving local Chicagoans a chance to catch up on a little sleep before rushing down to North Franklin Street in order to grab a spot in the seemingly never-ending line. And trust me, the pictures on Doughnut Vault’s website tell the tale quite accurately. I’ve experienced this sometimes block-long-line first-hand, and despite the time consuming wait, the awesome variety and the deliciously-tasting treats under the glass are well worth every second; but definitely allow for a minimum 30-minute wait when trying out this River North phenomenon for the first time! What also makes the Doughnut Vault special is the simple exterior that, without the 100-yard line, would sometimes likely be overlooked by many passer-bys of the River North neighborhood. No Glass Windows, no obnoxious signage-just a small entry-way to the store with some charming baby-blue accents painted on the building’s outer brick walls. So the next time you want to schedule a showing of the perfect Chicago Loop rental or spacious River North loft, setup a time in the morning and stop by the Doughnut Vault on the way. Just don’t make me wake up too early!     

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