New CTA Train Tracker Options Now Available

Posted by Ted Guarnero admin on Thursday, January 12th, 2012 at 9:55am.

CTA Releases New Train Tracker Amenities

The CTA is continuing to make progress towards bettering Chicago’s grossly outdated “L” system as it recently unveiled a couple new tech-savvy options riders can access in order to track where a train is located and how long it will take before arriving at your station. Unfortunately, many of us still haven’t experienced the new, highly publicized rail cars that were part of a massive $1 billion order of 706 cars. Unknown safety concerns have been the culprit behind this unexpected setback, but I can obviously understand why these issues weren’t addressed before coughing up the one billion dollars. I mean that kind of money MUST be like pocket change to a high-end outfit such as the Chicago Transit Authority, right? But to give the CTA some credit, riders have actually been able to track trains and CTA busses using smartphone technology since the beginning of 2011. However, now riders won’t even need to hassle with pulling out their phone or dealing with a slow moving internet connection your phone may or may not have. Now, the CTA is FINALLY starting to install monitors or LED screens at various bus stops and train stations throughout Chicago that will tell passengers all the timing and location information they need without using their phone at all. The screens at each stop look just as if you’re accessing the CTA Train Tracker app on your phone, but now when you walk up (or down) the stairs at the station you’re at, there will be a nice, big flat-screen available telling everyone how long it will be before the next train or bus arrives! And for all of you out there who are addicted to texting, there’s good news for you too. Along with these modern updates, the CTA is also releasing a Train Tracker text message system that allows users to text “ctatrain” along with a station code you can get via the CTA website, and the system will automatically text you back with the same information you can see on the screens I was just describing above. Personally, glancing up at a screen and literally taking 3 seconds to read how long it will take before your train arrives seems much easier than looking up a station code and texting back and forth with an automated computer system, but with the growing popularity of text messaging, I don’t doubt this additional train tracking feature will be a big hit amongst many Chicagoans. In any case, it feels good to know our local public transit system is now making a strong effort to escape outdated technology from 1976 and will finally be joining the rest of today's tech-minded society. I just hope they stop teasing us about new and exciting improvements, like they've done with the rail cars, and simply wait to make an announcement until we know it will actually start benefiting us right away.    
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