Landscaping Tips to Beautify the Home and Improve Security

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Landscaping Tips to Beautify and Improve SecurityA home security system may mean very little to burglars when homeowners unintentionally make it easy to access a property through their landscaping. Provided a good hiding place, a burglar may have enough time to break into a home with a security system and sneak away with valuable heirlooms and devices. Homeowners can do much to make their home an unlikely candidate for such activities. Landscaping is one commonly overlooked area that can help take a home off of a burglar's short list, whether in an area like Alta Vista Terrace or elsewhere.

Understand some of the easy options to improve home security with landscaping today.

When Planning Landscaping

Homeowners should realize that well-placed landscaping can help deter burglars from visiting a home. When considering how to landscape a property, planting trees some distance away from the house can make it hard to access the upper levels of a home. Homeowners do not want trees to act as a natural ladder for such uninvited guests. When it comes to the ground level, reduce the amount of shady areas near doors, windows and any other access points.

A well-lit home is a homeowners best deterrent to theft. This goes for outside as well as inside a home. Therefore remove any shrubs which may provide lurking places. Trim shrubs regularly and consider planting perennials or other short plants instead. Hedges, shrubs and ornamental grass should not exceed a height of 2 feet. Thieves may easily pass on a home when it is not an easy target. Avoid having your home join the 2.5 million residences hit by burglars every year.

Making a Home Less Attractive to Thieves

There are a number of ways that homeowners can help burglars think twice about breaking into a home. Consider the use of barrier shrubs. Plants with spiny thorns or sharp leaves along the property line can make it harder for burglars to sneak up on a home as they may be forced to use other more visible access points.

Maintaining a home by regularly weeding flower beds, raking yards and mowing grass gives the perception of regular occupancy, as well as improving long-term curb appeal. Burglary is more likely to occur at residences where homeowners are not home or on vacation. Keep to a regular maintenance schedule when away and have mail either forwarded or picked up by a neighbor or friend when away for an extended time.

Try not to provide additional tools to burglars. This means that shovels, hammers and other landscaping tools should be kept locked up in a garden shed or other storage areas. Avoid leaving such items out or easily accessible. Keep in mind that garages and sheds can be popular hiding places for burglars and need to be securely locked. Ensure exterior lights are working properly and consider the installation of outdoor lights with motion sensors which are directed at a home's access points. Timers can be used to turn on lights periodically when homeowners are out of town.

Choosing Landscaping Plants

There are many plants available to brighten up a property. Those that may also serve to help provide a first line defense include rose bushes planted in a raised bed by a window, and the Oregon grape holly by entryways and windows. Swap mulch for gravel to make it more likely an intruder would make noise close to a home. Homeowners may want to learn more about how to deter burglars through landscaping and more by checking the home security checklist from the National Crime Prevention Council.

Secure Your Home Today

Homeowners have many options available to better secure their property. The creation of physical boundaries and other deterrents through landscaping and lighting are easy ways to reduce the possibility of a home burglary.

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