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How Different Interior Paint Colors Can Affect Your Mood

How Different Interior Paint Colors Can Affect Your Mood

How to Plan an Interior Color SchemeJust as there are valid reasons to consider the effects of interior air quality and light on human health, there is powerful evidence that color has an effect on mood and on both mental and physical well being.

Color psychology is not an exact science, but it is sophisticated enough to influence the choice of wall colors for hospital lobbies, treatment spaces and patient rooms. Sterile, antiseptic white is no longer considered the best option to promote healing, or to instill confidence and encourage concentration in a school. Just the opposite, in fact.

Color influences mood and behavior. Classrooms should encourage calm and concentration. For a hospital, colors best suited for resting are in order, but other colors stimulate healing in other ways.

Learning the Language of Color

Surprisingly, orange is a prime mood booster, particularly for children's rooms. Its earthy warmth relieves stress and restores vitality. Red, even though it can boost blood pressure, can help counteract depression. Other health-giving colors include yellow, green, blue, pink and purple.

Similar principles apply to improving the interior of your Gold Coast home, whether it's for yourself or for selling. Red suggests conviviality and stimulates both appetite and conversation, so it's a good choice for living and dining rooms, although perhaps a bit too energetic for a busy kitchen. Yellow is a happy color, suggesting sunny days and pleasant activities. Blue is calming, the color of sea and sky, and a universal favorite because it is so versatile.

Pale blue tones are restful for a master bedroom or a spa bathroom, but navy blue can be dramatic, and turquoise is a great choice for an earthy color scheme paired with orangey-rust tones or shades of grey, beige or chocolate. Green also has many variations, each with a unique personality. Deep forest green is classic, while yellow-toned chartreuse can be playful or elegant, depending on what other tones you pair with it. Take inspiration from a garden. Mix different shades of green with abandon. Nature achieves perfect harmony with a riotous cacophony of colors. So can you!

Luckily, even though the "hit parade" of colors changes from year to year, feel free to choose colors that make you feel good. Look to your closet if you're uncertain about your own preferences. When there's a single predominant hue in your closet, be sure to use it in your home. Steer clear of those colors (and those clothes) that are emotionally charged. If you reserve your best grey suit for stressful business meetings, you will probably not enjoy a grey living room, no matter how trendy the color may be. And if black, beige and brown have no place in your wardrobe, don't feel obligated to bring neutrals into your home—except maybe for the occasional accent piece.

Logistics of Color Choice

Visit paint stores to stock up on color chips or explore online design sites to get a feel for the vibes that different color schemes produce. Start a notebook and curate your ideas until you find likely combinations. Then "test drive" a color by buying a sample size jar and painting a broad swatch of wall. Paint can be used to visually change the dimensions of a room, to "cool" the perceived temperature of an overly bright space or to warm a room with northern exposure. It's the perfect way to add impact to a plain vanilla tract home.

But the greatest benefit of color is its therapeutic value. Color affects the way you feel—about yourself and your home—and the way you face the world. Take a cue from the experts; make some "healthy" choices to add style in your home and happiness to your life.

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