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Home Showings for the Five Senses

Home Showings for the Five Senses

How to Appeal to the Five Senses When Showing Your HomeWhen buyers come into a home, they will use their senses to get a feel for whether or not the house is right for them. These showing tips help home sellers create a delightful experience for all of the senses during a home showing.


Putting everything into the right appearance within the home is the major goal of staging design. It requires a certain balance that can direct the eye to the best spots without overwhelming anyone. The goal is to promote pleasure and moderate attraction. Lighting should be soft but sufficient, not harsh. Colors should be carefully selected, with bold hues in limited quantity. Designs may be made in a broader layout to avoid seeming cluttered. Everything in each room should appear comfortable, well-placed and spacious.


Generally, the only sounds that buyers want to hear frequently are the sounds that they make themselves. This is a good opportunity to demonstrate how effective the home is at keeping unwanted outdoor sounds outside, while promoting a good listening environment inside. Music on a current, built-in speaker system can show how easy it is to play favorite music or watch the game at home. Feature appliances and systems that are particularly quiet. If there is ambient noise outside, closing the windows will help buyers to get a sense for how well they will enjoy peace and quiet when they want it.


Scent can be a tricky thing. Some buyers may prefer citrus, while others love the scent of vanilla. However, anything that smells too strongly or gives a whiff of any offensive odor is going to drive buyers away. Sometimes, odd odors are difficult to control. The trick is to neutralize them and avoid creating them in the first place. Putting a plate of baking soda in the fridge, spraying a little Febreze, and giving the entire space a thorough cleaning will combat basic odors. The next step is to add a touch of something light that will please buyers. The scents of baking cookies, fresh bread or flowers are usually a nice touch.


Buyers like to feel a home as much as they see it, hear it or smell it. Sellers who provide ample opportunities for buyers to get that feel will be rewarded. The house should be comfortable, and not too cold or hot. Textures are a necessity, but sellers do not need to overdo it. A supportive couch or chairs, or a kitchen bar with stools for sitting and having a snack, go a long way toward helping the buyer to imagine themselves living in the home. Anything that is begging to be touched, such as a velvety curtain or a sleek stone countertop, should be scrupulously clean. This way, buyers can fill their craving for touch without coming away with a dusty or dirty hand.


Some sellers are surprised to discover that the taste of the home is often reflected in the taste the buyer has when they leave. Although the tradition is to provide cookies or bread, even a bowl of hard candies may be all it takes. Sellers who choose to offer snacks should be careful to choose varieties that are easy to serve and eat while walking, without creating a lot of mess for the owner to clean up before the next showing.

There is a reason that many buyers think about getting a “sense” for a home as they consider buying it. The senses are how humans understand the world around them, particularly the place where they want to live. This is important to remember in any real estate market—even in popular areas like Museum Campus. A home that is pleasing to all five senses will encourage buyers to remain, and possibly stay forever.

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