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Ukranian Village/Wicker Park

Wicker Park real estate Located in the heart of Chicago’s ultra-hip Ukranian Village neighborhood, 932 Wood Street is a prime piece of real estate. Not only does this duplex boast a fabulous location in the greater Ukranian Village neighborhood, but its specific location on a charming tree-lined street makes it all the more desirable. While Wood St. itself is a quiet residential street, some of Chicago’s most sought-out destinations are mere minutes away. Just a short stroll North on Wood St. places you amidst all the action of Wicker Park along West Division St., while an even shorter walk south finds you in the heart of West Chicago Ave.’s nightlife and other offerings.

The stretches of both Division and Chicago that are a stone’s throw away

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Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood

gold_coast_chiacgo at Rush & state When one thinks of Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood, upscale living and fancy homes usually come to mind. The Gold Coast’s reputation as the city’s wealthiest neighborhood is well-known. Its charming, historic streets are lined with grand mansions and vintage buildings that, by virtue of their high cost, bring to the neighborhood a certain exclusivity. Despite its placement in the heart of one of America’s urban hubs, and not withstanding its grand reputation, the Gold Coast, uniquely, offers many of the perks of small-town living.

Residents of the Gold Coast enjoy a variety of America’s favorite pastimes without ever leaving their historic neighborhood. Indeed, there is a certain small-town wholesomeness attached to

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Chicago Gold Coast- Short Sales and Price Reductions

Filled with the sorts of stately homes and prestige that make Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood something akin to Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the high-end properties that dominate Gold Coast real estate tend to be out of the reach of the majority of homebuyers. Indeed, these vintage masterpieces, from condominiums in what was once the Playboy Mansion to single family estates costing upwards of $5,000,000 require not only deep pockets but also a commitment to the neighborhood.

220 e walton chicago rela estateAlthough these properties still fall squarely in the category of upper end, there may be some good news for homebuyers who have previously found these properties just out of their reach. Unprecedented market conditions that

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Puffing: Tactful or Tasteless Chicago Real estate ?

Sure, my opinion of what’s lovely, cozy, elegant, glamorous, cutting-edge, an incredible view, may differ from yours, but I think it’s safe to assume that the divergence wouldn’t be too terribly great. I mean, we can agree that the Trump Tower is luxurious, that the John Hancock offers some great views and that Old Town is a charming neighborhood. Can’t we? Well, if we can’t agree on those fairly objective statements, surely we wouldn’t fall on opposite ends of the spectrum. You wouldn’t say, for instance, that the Trump Tower is shoddy, that the Hancock has awful views or that Old Town is a repulsive area in which to live.

Of course, if you’ve got a less than fantastic listing, say a run-down condo

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How NOT to Sell a Home in Chicago


chicago real estateSince it’s become apparent that common sense can no longer be taken for granted, I thought it might be helpful to share some tips on how to sell a home. I’ll do this by describing recent examples of how NOT to sell one.


Looks Matter. We’ve all heard it a thousand times. And, while some of us may not want to believe it, it’s true. They do. Well, the same rule of thumb applies to homes for sale; they need to make a good first impression. After all, first impressions are lasting ones and have a real ability to affect a buyer in either a positive or negative way. Since a buyer’s first impression is often developed through online photos, it’s

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