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Why You Should Downsize Your HomeAs life goes on, people may see the need to purchase a large home. At some point, there may be a need to downsize from a larger to a smaller home. Downsizing can be a good option to consider, and it comes with quite a few advantages. Here are some of those advantages that homeowners interested in selling their current home in favor of a smaller home should know.

Smaller Homes are Less Expensive

Big homes require more energy to keep them lit and warm, but smaller homes don’t require the same amount of utilities, so that means smaller bills for the homeowner. Moving to a smaller home can potentially save hundreds of dollars every month on utility bills alone, and even more once the mortgage is factored in. Smaller homes are typically less

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6 Contingencies to Use When Buying a New HomeNo one wants to discover that the home they purchased, the home that they thought was practically prefect in every way, is actually filled with black mold, termites, and foundation that’s ready to break apart at a moment’s notice. This is why home buyers should utilize contract contingencies to protect themselves from committing to buying a home that is hiding some dark secrets. Here are six contingencies all home buyers, in Depaul or elsewhere, should consider using.

1. Inspection

All home buyers are encouraged to have their new home inspected after their offer has been accepted. An experienced home inspector can spot all the flaws in a home that an uneducated buyer would look over. An inspection contingency is a special allowance that

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Choose the right real estate agent to simplify selling a vacation homeSelling a vacation home is not necessarily more difficult than selling a primary residence, but there are different concerns and considerations, both logistical and financial, that are important to understand.

Find the Right Agent

First and foremost, assuming the vacation property is too far away to visit daily or even regularly, selecting the right real estate professional becomes imperative. Look for an agent with proven experience and local knowledge, a person who will keep you "in the loop" regarding developments, and a person you feel comfortable with. A resourceful, well-informed agent will be a resource for local needs, as well as knowing about market conditions and real estate trends.

Vacation-Only or Four-Season Home


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How Second Homes and Vacation HomesInvesting in a second home as a respite for future family vacations or as a rental property is a luxury that many owners often consider undertaking once their primary mortgage is nearly or wholly or paid off. However, the buying process will differ between obtaining a primary residence, a private second home, or a vacation rental property that will be partially used by others. Those who plan to buy using outright cash will not have to deal with the mortgage limitations on second homes and vacation homes, but they can still find these tips helpful concerning tax breaks.

Buying a Primary Residence

Buyers typically enjoy the best mortgage rates on their primary home purchase. However, there are very specific primary residence qualifications that

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