July 2017

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How to Buy a Fixer Upper to Flip it For ProfitProfessionals on television make property flipping look easy. In fact, flipping requires a great amount of knowledge concerning real estate markets, remodeling trends, material costs, trade skills and more. Before jumping into the market, would-be flippers should be sure they are in a position to make a worthwhile profit.

Knowing the Cost

Flippers who do not have a solid grasp of the costs of property ownership will quickly find themselves accumulating debt rather than profit. 

Of course, there is the sales price of the home, but there are also plenty of costs that go along with the sales price. First, both the buyer's and seller's real estate agents will collect a certain percentage of the sales price as a commission, which can cut into

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How to Choose Between Different Mortgage OptionsFor most buyers, the process of purchasing a home requires being approved for a mortgage before the sale can occur. But with so many choices available, it can be difficult for buyers to choose the one that will best fit their current needs and budget. Prospective home buyers who are struggling with this decision can use this guide to determine whether one of these three popular mortgage options will work for their home buying situation. 

Fixed-Rate Mortgages

For many buyers, a fixed-rate loan with a low interest rate is the best possible option when purchasing a home. Fixed-rate loans offer a stable monthly mortgage payment that keeps housing costs affordable and make budgeting easier throughout the repayment period, typically consisting of

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Saving for a Down Payment Using Your 401(k)Shopping for a new house is an exciting process and feeling comfortable looking within a particular budget is usually how most people approach it. However, what happens if your dream home, in the Chicago Dearborn Park neighborhood or elsewhere becomes available and it’s just slightly out of reach in terms of cost? It would be disheartening to let that option go due to not having a large enough down payment, but what if the funding could be secured after all?

Some individuals who utilize their company’s 401k don’t realize that they can actually draw upon that money to fund a down payment on a home. By borrowing against oneself, a prospective homebuyer might come up with the money to make their dream home a reality.

How A 401k Loan Works

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