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My Summertime "To-Do" List in Chicago

Every year when summer rolls around in Chicago, I always start to think about some of the fun-filled things I plan on doing, but never really seem to accomplish. I lived in downtown Chicago for most of my adult life and there are still a few attractions and activities that are on my to-do list.

Whether it’s because of my busy schedule working in the Chicago real estate business or that summers in Chicago are simply WAY too short, as each season comes and goes, it’s always the same old story.

So in 2012, I’m going to make a change! I’m going to FINALLY enjoy some of the awesome amenities Chicago has to offer and make a serious effort to take advantage of living in the Windy City!

In addition, I’m fairly

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How to Secure a Downtown Chicago Apartment

The Chicago rental market is HOT! By now, this isn’t news to most people working in the real estate business or who have already moved in the last year or two. But if you’re just now facing the dreaded dilemma of having to search for a new apartment in downtown Chicago, it’s vital to be as prepared as possible if you want any chance at all in securing your first or second choice home.

Downtown Chicago Apartments For RentI know you’re probably thinking that I’m just exaggerating and only say this because I want a fast and smooth transaction, but the reality when it comes to today’s rental market in Chicago is that you only have a VERY small window of  opportunity before an apartment with hardwood floors, outdoor space, and parking included rents

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Chicago's Top 5 Music Festivals in 2012

Everyone loves summertime in Chicago. I often hear remarks by people living in the city such as “Chicago is a totally different city in the summer” or “there’s nothing better than summertime in Chicago!” But what makes Chicago so great during these 4 months out of the year? Is it the one-of-a-kind beaches lining Chicago’s lakefront? Perhaps it’s the countless summer festivals many of the downtown neighborhoods host each year. Or what about the long list of concerts put on at Soldier Field, Wrigley Field, the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, and the numerous other outdoor venues scattered throughout our city?  

Well for me, as a huge music fan, it is in fact all of the fabulous musical performances Chicagoans get the

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