January 2012

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CTA Releases New Train Tracker Amenities

The CTA is continuing to make progress towards bettering Chicago’s grossly outdated “L” system as it recently unveiled a couple new tech-savvy options riders can access in order to track where a train is located and how long it will take before arriving at your station. Unfortunately, many of us still haven’t experienced the new, highly publicized rail cars that were part of a massive $1 billion order of 706 cars. Unknown safety concerns have been the culprit behind this unexpected setback, but I can obviously understand why these issues weren’t addressed before coughing up the one billion dollars. I mean that kind of money MUST be like pocket change to a high-end outfit such as the Chicago Transit Authority,

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New Union Station & Streeterville High-Rise in the Works?  

Chicago’s housing market may still be muddled, but that hasn’t stopped new and exciting development plans from surfacing that will impact the Chicago West Loop real estate market. In case you missed it, the Chicago Architecture Blog recently highlighted expansion plans that would accommodate approximately 40% more trains Metra plans to run over the next 30 years. According to the Chicago Architecture Blog post, Chicago’s Union Station handles roughly 120,000 passengers a day, which ranges from long distance Amtrak and Metra patrons to local and regional commuters. Because Union Station is the only historic train station still operating in Chicago, it’s important for the city to maintain its

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