September 2010

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1.) Be realistic with yourself. Swallow your pride and admit to yourself that your home may not be worth what you think you can sell it for then take the steps necessary to do a Short Sale.

2.) Find a GREAT Realtor who is knowledgeable about short sales and list your home on the market right away!   Most banks will not allow a short sale if you are trying to sell “By Owner”.  You need to have evidence that you have attempted to sell your home for a fair price which can only be reflected in fact through the MLS system.  Selling By Owner does not change anything for you financially when doing a short sale.

3.) Get Aggressive with your pricing strategy!  We recommend that you drop your home’s price weekly to bi-weekly to attract potential buyers.  Work

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As I was quickly scanning through the Chicago Real Estate section of the Sunday edition of the Tribune, I wasn’t looking for anything specific, however, one thing did become fairly obvious after only a few minutes: the new construction market is still suffering-significantly. Without intentionally singling out one specific ad-type, I couldn’t help but notice that the majority of these colorful attention-grabbers all had a similar theme with the same wording -- “Massive “or “Dramatic Price Reductions.” One ad even had the headline “Prices That StillDon’t Suck,” leading us to believe that their already low and decreased pricing has been dropped once again.  There’s little doubt this is a great time to take advantage of some of the lowest real estate prices

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When homebuyers are searching the market for a new home or condo, obvious things they typically look for can include stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, lots of space; mostly things that relate to the property itself. But what if the home has everything a homeowner would want and perfectly fits all of your living needs? What do people look for next? For young families, one of the top selling points is if the school district has a good reputation. And like nearly every other major city in the country, Chicago has a wide variety of public, private and parochial schools giving residents many different options. The Chicago Public School (CPS) system alone has over 400,000 students in 486 elementary schools, 107 high schools and 20 charter

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When looking for a condo, the first things that most people will likely consider are location, price, square footage, amenities, and so on. But for a good number of home-seekers, there are other considerations to take into account; such as whether the whole family can be accommodated. And I'm not talking bedrooms for the kids, here. For many buyers, a critical element of their search includes whether Snoopy or Garfield, or any other loyal bundle of furry fun, will be welcome.

Too often, prospective condo buyers are turned away at the first hurdle, simply because they are pet owners. But there is something of a growing trend for animal-friendly communities in many of America's larger cities, and Chicago is leading the pack.

Dog friendly chicago real estate But just because some buildings

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Nearly two weeks into September, many Chicago renters are preparing for what some believe is the biggest moving day of the year. While it’s hard to estimate an exact number for how many renters switch addresses on October 1, approximately 50-60% of all leases In Chicago start on either May 1st or October 1st.  And for those ultra-procrastinators still looking for a new place to call home by months end, many great units are still available in top neighborhoods such as Streeterville rentals, Gold coast, River North, West Loop or the Loop-but you need to act fast and you need to know where to look. There will likely always be something on the market that could suite your needs; however there are some locations that should be ruled out for those doing a last

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