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Moving To Chicago? 10 Reasons You Should Live in Downtown Chicago

Chicago is a diverse city filled with wonderful opportunities, both when it comes to real estate and the many amenities and features of the city! If you're considering moving to this great region of Illinois, you'll want to do a bit of research on the fantastic qualities of the city.

This article will cover the top ten reasons that living in Downtown Chicago is one of the best moves you could make!

1. It’s extremely easy to get around


One thing that any local will tell you is that Chicago is as flat as a pancake. This makes walking, bicycling, and public transit a great and viable alternative to taxis, and car services like Uber or Lyft. Having an easy way to get around the area allows access to all types of entertainment such as restaurants, sports games, museums, concerts, and other outdoor activities in the parks and at the beach.

2. There are a ton of free activities and events

Many of the best things in Chicago are free, such as walking along the waterfront or going to Millennium Park. Other areas that offer free activities include Lincoln Park Zoo, The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago Art Institute, and other museums around the city. On a slightly more passive level, there are plenty of events and festivals within the city that are free, like First Fridays or Taste of Chicago.

For those who enjoy free concerts, the Jay Pritzker Pavilion is the place to be! At this fantastic venue, you can find the Chicago Symphony Orchestra playing a number of different musicals - everything from classical to children's music. It has a seating capacity of almost 10,000 people and is open year-round. The pavilion also hosts many free concerts throughout the year. There are also other smaller pavilions in Millennium Park that host free concerts for people who enjoy rock, jazz, or blues-type music.

3. Many businesses are open late


Living in Downtown Chicago comes with a number of fantastic perks. One of the most convenient? The businesses tend to stay open late! Whether you're trying to get your shopping done after your late shift at work or you're hoping to enjoy a night out with your closest friends, you'll have plenty of options in the city!

Many Chicago businesses found Downtown stay open late to cater to the many different demographics, from shift workers getting off later in the evening to tourists who are hitting the town after a long day of touring.

If you're looking to grab dinner or have drinks with your friends, Downtown Chicago is filled with restaurants and bars that stay open late. Many businesses offer happy hour specials as well to get people out at night when they might not otherwise feel like going out.

4. Access to parks and the beach

There's an incredible selection of parks and beaches in Chicago, many of which are within twenty minutes from the downtown core. Locals have ample opportunity to get out in the fresh air, enjoy the refreshing waters of the beach and the tranquil surroundings of the many green spaces within the city.

Here are some must-see beaches in Chicago:

  • 31st Street Beach
  • Montrose Beach
  • Oak Street Beach

31st Street Beach is one of the best beaches in all of Chicago, with its close proximity to Downtown and Lake Michigan. You can easily catch a public bus or cab from Downtown to get there and it's just a short walk down the beach from the parking lot. The beach has a wide variety of lifeguards who are always ready to help, as well as plenty of sand for sunbathers and volleyball games. The water is pretty shallow for quite a ways out so it's perfect for people just learning how to swim!

Montrose Beach is a small, secluded beach located in the heart of a busy city. On the Northside of Chicago, it can be found at Montrose and Lawrence Avenues. This is one of several beaches that are accessible by public transportation on the North Side, making it a popular spot for residents who live nearby. It has soft sandy shores and features lifeguard towers in case someone gets into trouble in the water.

Oak Street Beach is a North Side favorite, tucked away between Lake Shore Drive and LSD's North End. This beach is popular among Chicago residents because it's close to Lake Shore Drive but it's still in a quiet area. It attracts lots of locals who enjoy the beach in peace and quiet, even though there are usually other Chicagoans nearby!

The top parks near Downtown Chicago include:

  • Millennium Park
  • Grant Park
  • Garfield Park Conservatory

Millennium Park is a Chicago park, located in the Loop community area of the city. It is a large urban park that offers a great view of the Chicago skyline and features some wonderful water features. This popular park is not only beautiful to look at, but it's also home to some fantastic museums, concert venues, gardens, and even ice skating rinks! It also includes a number of different kaleidoscopic fountains and holds other public events such as fashion shows.

Gant Park is one of the parks in Chicago that can be found in the Douglas community area. It's a sprawling park with plenty of green space and a number of different features for people who like to work out. Gant Park includes two playgrounds, a large bronze statue, a metal sculpture, and two basketball courts. It's also home to four tennis courts and six horseshoe pits. Visitors are welcome throughout the year, weather permitting!

Garfield Park Conservatory is a beautiful green space that features a number of amazing flowers and plants. There are plenty of green spaces and gardens for visitors to enjoy and the conservatory stays open year-round, so you never have to worry about missing your chance to see it! You'll find many roses inside as well as other flowers, trees, and greenery for people to enjoy. It's the perfect place if you want to take a moment out of your day to relax in nature.

5. It has all the amenities of a suburb


Chicago’s downtown neighborhoods have all the amenities of a suburb, but with very close proximity to city activities, restaurants, and more. As a Downtown Chicago resident, you’ll be close to numerous newly built grocery stores, theaters, and restaurants.

Depending on the neighborhood you choose to call home, it's likely that you'll be within walking distance to everything you'll need: grocery stores, gas stations, variety stores, and services such as banks and medical clinics.

6. It is home to all the top tourist attractions

Many people flock to the heart of Chicago to indulge in the fantastic attractions found within the city. Some of the top attractions include:

  • The “Bean” at Millennium Park
  • Buckingham Fountain
  • The Historic Theatre District
  • Shopping on Michigan Avenue

The Bean at Millennium Park is a sculpture that many people add to their list of stops when coming into the city. It was designed and put in place for the opening of Millennium Park. The Bean has a lot of things going on inside and it's full of surprises. You have to go experience it for yourself, but you'll be glad you did.

Buckingham Fountain, found in the Chicago Loop, is one of the iconic water features of this great city. It was built to celebrate the establishment of the city’s first water supply, and it was funded by Kate Buckingham in memory of her brother Clarence Buckingham. It's located at Grant Park at Michigan Avenue with Columbus Drive as a main access point.

The Historic Theatre District in Chicago is about 4.6 acres of land, making it the second-largest theater district in the world after Broadway in New York. It has a rich theatrical history and is home to more than twenty theaters that are still actively used for live performances today.

Michigan Avenue is a shopping street known for its expensive, luxury stores. The Avenue was originally constructed in 1848 by the Cook County Board of Commissioners and it was named after an American politician, John Michigan.

7. There is a lot of culture

While Chicago may be called the Second City, its cultural offerings are second to none. Some of the top cultural venues to check out in the city include:

  • Second City
  • Broadway in Chicago
  • Museums

Second City in Chicago is a theater company that has played an important role in American comedy. The group began as a cooperative comedy venture in 1959 to encourage improvisation. They have since opened up into a well-known company that has offered improv education to many people from all over the world.

Broadway in Chicago is a tourist attraction that plays to many people every year. It's one of the top theater districts in the county and it's well-known for playing large productions that are recognized across the world. Some of the most popular shows that have been run on Broadway in Chicago include "Chicago," "Grease," and "Cats."

Pay a visit to Chicago’s Museum Campus to make a day of visiting the Museum of Science and Industry, the Field Museum, and the Adler Planetarium. The Art Institute of Chicago is in the Loop, and the Chicago History Museum is further north, in Lincoln Park.

8. There are many different neighborhoods to live in

Downtown Chicago is a wonderful place to live. It has many different neighborhoods that you can choose from. There are, of course, expensive parts of the city but there are also more affordable ones too, offering a little something for everyone.

Some of the top neighborhoods in Downtown Chicago include:

River North: As one of Chicago's fastest-growing neighborhoods, River North is known as being one of the most expensive parts of the city. The majority of homes in the area are high-rise buildings, but there are also a few single-family homes that you can find.

Gold Coast: The Gold Coast is an exclusive neighborhood that has a lot of things to do, mainly its shopping. You'll find some of the most famous stores in the world all along this long street. The Gold Coast is also home to many high-rise buildings featuring luxury homes.

Streeterville: Streeterville is one of the newest neighborhoods in the area, this fine neighborhood used to be mostly a commercial district, but now consists primarily of apartments along the lake and Michigan Avenue. Streeterville is lined with a variety of amenities including movie theaters, gourmet grocery stores, and plenty of dining options.

9. The restaurant and bar scene is top-notch

If you're considering moving to Downtown Chicago, you'll find plenty of rich culture and food to choose from. One of the best parts about the area is that there are countless restaurants and bars to keep your dining experiences fresh and exciting!

Some of the top restaurants that you'll find in Downtown Chicago include:

Tao: For great Asian cuisine, try Tao. Even though it's on the expensive side, their food is exquisite and they offer a lot of unique dishes that can't be found in other places.

Lula Cafe: If you're looking for breakfast or brunch, Lula Cafe is the place to go. Their food is delicious and they have a large selection of brunch items that you'll love!

Tortoise Supper Club: If you're looking for a dinner with flair, Tortoise Supper Club will be one of your favorite places in Chicago. They offer delicious, seasonal fare for reasonable prices.

Bar Louie: If you're hoping to quench your thirst, Bar Louie is a place that you'll love! They offer over 150 different types of beers, liquors, and cocktails for reasonable prices. You can also get food here if you're looking to pair your drinks with something great tasting.

10. It’s a great place for sports enthusiasts

Chicago is a very famous city for its sporting events and has played host to many different games over the years, including:

Chicago Bears Games: If you're looking for NFL action and you're not too worried about the prices, then come on down to Soldier Field because they play all their home games here!

Chicago Cubs Games: If you're hoping to catch some Major League Baseball action in Chicago, head on out to Wrigley Field. It's also one of the most iconic parks in all of sports!

Chicago White Sox Games: You'll be able to catch some great regular season baseball action here at U.S Cellular Field, home to the fabled Chicago White Sox.

Chicago Blackhawks Games: If you're looking for some NHL action and are looking for a bargain on tickets, then the United Center is your place to go because there’s lots of excitement in this area!

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